Graduate Urban Economics, Spring 2021


  1. Week 1 (3/1): Introduction, Urbanization in China (lecture notes)
  2. Week 2 (3/8): Monocentric City Model (lecture notes)
  3. Week 3 (3/15): Monocentric City Model and Transportation Modes (lecture notes)
  4. Week 4 (3/22): Transportation and Decentralization in China
  5. Week 5 (3/29): Equilibrium across Cities (lecture notes)
  6. Week 6 (4/5): Sorting within Cities (lecture notes)
  7. Week 7 (4/12): Microfoundations of Agglomeration (lecture notes)
    • Required: Duranton, Gilles and Puga, Diego, “The Micro-Foundations of Urban Agglomeration Economies,” Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Vol 4, 2004
      1. Note: This is a long paper and so I only want you to understand the basic models of sharing, matching, and learning. Therefore you can skip sections: 2.3.2, 2.4, 3.1.5, 3.3, 4.2.2, 4.3. The above link is to the final working paper, which is a clearer digital copy than the handbook article
    • Optional: Au, Chun-Chung and Henderson, J. Vernon, “Are Chinese Cities Too Small?”, Review of Economic Studies, 2006
    • Optional: Au, Chun-Chung and Henderson, J. Vernon, “How migration restrictions limit agglomeration and productivity in China”, Journal of Development Economics, 2006
  8. Weeks 8-16: TBD–see syllabus for tentative plan